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The team behind the Anti-Doping Database

The Anti-Doping Database is run by a very small team. Only one person is responsible for most of the work.

Trond Husø is the person behind the Anti-Doping Database. He worked as a sports journalist at the Norwegian news agency - ANB - when he came up with the idea of structuring data on athletes banned for using doping.

This was in 2005 and there was no sources like this back then.

Data registering

Husø is responsible for registering all the data in the database. He has done so since 2005, and as of 2023 he has registered close to 13.000 anti-doping rule violations.

In order to keep the database up to date, he is following around 100 websites of National Anti-Doping Organizations and International Sports Federations on a weekly basis.

All registration is done manually.


Husø has also programmed the website and designed the database. The first version of the design was also done by the founder of the Anti-Doping Database

The latest design has been done by Stephanie Hider of USA with minor adjustments done by Husø.

Other helpers

Even though the founder has done a lot of the work, he do have people helping.

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